I have experience working with individuals from a variety of cultures/ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and religious beliefs, as well as LGBTQIA+. I have a special interest in helping people experiencing problems resulting from grief/loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, self-esteem/self-concept, chronic illness, suicidal ideation, self-harm, or substance use.




It is an honor for me to support teens in their personal growth and help them to manage the difficult transitions that occur during this stage of life. I have experience connecting with teens and building strong therapeutic relationships that lead to improved wellness.




My hope is to support adults in their continued growth and development throughout their life span. I help adults to process what has happened in their past and empower them to build resiliency and self-confidence.



Elder Adults:

Concerns in later life often compound as a person experiences frequent significant losses and increased isolation. As well, a person may have to manage their own or loved ones’ chronic illnesses, including Alzheimer’s/dementia. I am grateful for the opportunity to support people through these difficult experiences.