Aubrey on Raising Resilience panel: Substance Abuse Prevention on CONNECTIONS CAFE

Preventing substance use is a priority parenting topic Raising Resilience is committed to addressing every year. This year we are looking at who does what and how. From the home, to the schools, and into the community – what role do parents, schools, police, and public health agencies play in prevention and intervention?

Did you know?

According the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, youth drug abuse is a high-profile public health concern, with at least 1-in-8 teenagers abusing an illicit substance in the last year (2020).

  • Drug use among 8th graders increased 61% between 2016 and 2020.
  • By 12th grade, 62% of teenagers have abused alcohol.
  • 50% of teenagers have misused a drug at least once.
  • 43% of college students use illicit drugs.
  • 86% of teenagers know someone who smokes, drinks, or uses drugs during the school day.

We know our communities aren’t immune to these statistics. We also know substance use isn’t limited to marijuana, alcohol, or ‘hard’ drugs. “The fastest-growing drug problem in the United States isn’t cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamines. It is prescription drugs, and it is profoundly affecting the lives of teenagers.” Rise in Prescription Drug Misuse and Abuse Impacting Teens | SAMHSA

Substance Abuse Prevention on CONNECTIONS CAFE

Designed for Parenting Stages 6-8 and 9-12+

(K-5 parent are welcome. Prevention starts early.)

To learn more about how to combat these trends in our homes and communities, join Raising Resilience’s guest panelists:

  • Sarah Frost, MSW, Bainbridge Island School District’s School Social Worker
  • Aubrey Lough, SUDP, LMFT of Creating Growth Counseling
  • Kelsey Lynch, MSW, Bainbridge Island Police Department’s Community Health Navigator
  • Megan Moore, MPH, Kitsap Public Health Department’s Healthy Communities Specialist

This session is designed to educate and equip parents with information and tools to aid you in the role you play at home.

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