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When people look at dandelions, some see weeds, others see wishes. It is all about the perspective one takes. This is true not only for dandelions, but for how one views their life experiences. The story of our experience is influenced by the environment, just as a dandelion is influenced by the soil in which it grows, the rain that falls on it, and the light it receives. However, we can persevere through difficulties and grow in even the most unlikely places, like a dandelion grows in the crack of a sidewalk.

Aubrey Lough LMFTA, MHP, SUDP
Aubrey Lough, LMFT, MHP, SUDP

My work is focused on helping couples, families, and individuals navigate challenging times of transitions, endings, and new beginnings. I am also a Chemical Dependency Professional and Suicide Prevention Specialist. I work with not only the youth or adult struggling with substance use or suicidal ideation, but the entire system that is impacted by these issues. I believe that people who seek therapy are looking for ways to bring greater hope, happiness and satisfaction into their lives.